Airtight Kitchen Container with flip lock

  • Made by high-quality food-grade BPA free transparent PET plastic material that is safe to store food items, Baby foods, spices, etc.
  • Flip-lock Airtight Lids – It has Silicon sealed lids that ensure airtightly. It has an easy opening feature that is you can simply pull the top knob to open the jar and push the top knob in a downward direction to close the jar. The inbuilt easy opening feature helps to use it more easily. These containers will keep the freshness of the stored items for a very long time.
  • Square Shape Transparent containers – It has a square-shaped structure with a transparent body that helps to store more space in your kitchen cabinet. And it can be easily stackable with one another for saving more space. And it also gives you a firm grip while holding the container. The transparent body of this container helps to find the content more easily.
  • These containers are Unbreakable, BPA free, Food safe, Airtight, Transparent, Easy opening, Scratch resistance, Rust free, Dishwasher safe, and Heavy-duty food grade body with superior break resistance.
  • Used to store Spices, cereals, Dry spices, grams, Snacks, Salt, cookies, chocolates, Sugar, Dry fruits, Flour, Baby food items, etc.