360 Degree Magic Swivel Hangers


FEATURES: Sturdy PP material, convenient 9 hole branch, hanging head can be rotated 360 degrees + horizontally and vertically too.

USE: If you have been living in the condo, dorm, or other small spaces, where, space has become a serious problem, and you don’t have enough space to hang your clothes so that your clothes become wrinkle-free, so, for this PROBLEM our clothes hangers is a GREAT SOLUTION. This is a 360 Degree Magic Swivel Hanger, which helps to avoid wrinkles on clothes and you can just hang the clothes that can’t be folded.


  • Saves DOUBLE iron power cost, because, you DONT NEED TO IRON AGAIN before wearing your clothes.
  • Solid bearing capacity,
  • Evenly spaced,
  • Easy to dry clothes.
  • Lightweight storage for drying and storing clean clothes.

Pack of 3, Pack of 6, Pack of 12